About Us


To strengthen the community by providing collective services, programs, support and genuine love to those who are undervalued, isolated and disadvantaged within the Cardinia Shire and beyond.


A transformed and healthy community through changed lives and redeemed spaces.


  • To care for the underprivileged, isolated and homeless;

  • To provide practical support for those in need;

  • To help make our community a better place through care, crisis assistance and social connection;

  • To collaborate with other organisations and individuals to bless our community;

  • To provide opportunities for community members to serve and contribute to their community; and

  • To redeem and transform gateway areas

Core Values


To serve with enthusiasm and believe in the Mission and Vision of FBC.


To have hope for systemic and individual change in the community and belief that people can reach their potential.


To strive for innovative and creative ways of leading people out of poverty and connecting people with the community.


To demonstrate love and care towards people of all faiths and cultures in the community without prejudice.


To demonstrate a genuine and deep care for people in our community